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Well well, where to start!?

Posted on February 24, 2011 by amberlyn

Well well, where to start!? I guess first things first, I was hired at Bath and Body Works and have been working there for about a month now, LOVE it and love my co-workers!!! It's part time, seeing how it's my first job I'm thankful cause it's not overwhelming and they have been wonderful and flexible with my doctors appt. Thank You Lord!!!

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We’ll talk about me later…

Posted on February 2, 2011 by amberlyn

We'll talk about me later..... A dear CF "brother" of mine got "THE CALL" last night.... He's in San Antonio today prepped and ready for surgery!! They have went to harvest the organs and he should be in surgery by noon today!! PLEASE say a prayer for him and his family, yall know what I went through, it'll be just the same for him!!! Ahhh SO excited for him!!! All My Love and Thanks :-) -Amberlyn PS- I'm doing fabulous!!! Finally off pain meds completely and LOVING my new Job....

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