We do a thousand coloring book & crayon packs every month!

Ok, now that Christmas is done, Amber’s Angels could use these items. I’m getting coloring books & PlayDoh together for the patients up at Dell.

1000 crayons and coloring books every month!

We do 1000 coloring book/crayon bags EVERY MONTH! Yup, you read that right … 1000 😬

We buy the 8ct HEB brand boxes of crayons. They are 40 cents a box.  But for whatever reason HEB says they are OUT OF STOCK and most times I can only find 10-12 boxes at any store.  😳  So we have the Crayola brand 8-count pack that they sell in a quantity of 12 boxes on our Amazon Wish List.

The ER Child Life dept could use the 1oz containers of PlayDoh. Amazon has a party pack of 15 containers for $4.99! That’s the cheapest I’ve ever been able to find. Walmart sells the same pack for $5.97.

Check out our Amazon Wish List!

Also if you buy off Amazon please sign up for Amazon Smile and pick Amber’s Angels as your charity to help. It’s a win win situation! We get products we need as well as get a percentage of your purchase donated back to us!! 😃

If anyone would like to help let me know. Thanks in advance!



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