Many thanks to Cunningham Orthodontics!

Cunningham Orthodontics - Christmas 2017Cunningham Orthodontics is such an awesome business. I had contacted Janet Shepperd to see if maybe Dr Cunningham would like to help Amber’s Angels with one of the wish families we had. I gave her some info about the family and she said she would talk to Dr Cunningham. She contacted me the next day and said that yes Dr C wanted to help. I gave them the families wish list.  Dr C and her staff went shopping and got such wonderful gifts for them. This family is going to feel so blessed. 

I know in my heart Amberlyn is the reason I first thought of Dr C to see if they could help. You see when Amberlyn needed braces for the second time cuz the first braces when we lived in Utah she had when she was younger was not done properly, Amberlyn went to Dr C to see if they could help. Amberlyn was waiting for her double lung transplant and Dr C and her staff were so sweet to her. Janet, Shanna Henry Underwood, Dr C and all the other ladies were just so kind. This group cares very much about their clients. Today I went to pick up all the gifts they got.

Thank you Dr C, Janet, Shanna and the rest of the staff for this beautiful act of kindness to this family. God Bless each and every one of you!!!


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