Fox 7 News Story About Amber’s Angels Running Low on Donations

Fox 7 Austin interviews Amber's Angels 2016Fox 7 News Austin posted a new story about Amber’s Angels this week.  Debbie, our President and Amberlyn’s mother, was interviewed about the challenges in meeting our demand for gift bag needs this year.

Amber’s Angels has not had the same level of donations this year as compared to previous years, but the number of children we serve continues to grow.

I’m guessing I have about 75 bags.  But if we’re doing 300 I mean, I’m way short.  I think it’s just because things are tight for everybody and I keep thinking and keep praying that Amberlyn is going to make sure we have what we need.  I mean every year we’ve somehow by the skin of our teeth…have made what we need to do for Christmas but it’s tight this year.

Debbie Fett, President

Surprisingly, Fox 7 added some great video quotes from Amberlyn dating back several years.  It was wonderful to see they still had this footage, and to hear her sweet voice again.

I want kids to know on Christmas Day that someone is thinking about them.  They may be up in the hospital, and may be having a really bad day.  They may have been sick for weeks, days, or months.  But I want them for those first few minutes to forget that they are sick, I want them to enjoy Christmas like everybody should.

Amberlyn Fett, Founder


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