Amber’s Angels does movie nights once a month up at Dell Children’s Medical Center. I always look at the stores to see who gives the best deals on new released DVDs. Most of the time I go to HEB because they have “extra” things you get FREE when you purchase the movie with the coupons they have. These two ladies, Emily & Priscilla, at my HEB have helped me on several occasions and are always so kind and helpful.

Emily & Priscilla

Emily & Priscilla

I always buy 13 DVDs because we take those movies to the patients that couldn’t come to the movie.  They are allowed to KEEP the DVD to take home after they watch it in their room. Some of the patients are either too sick, on isolation or just have too many iv’s to be able to come down.  We want to make them feel that they weren’t left out.  To see their faces light up when we tell them that they can keep the movie is so moving.  And then when we hear the squeals of delight when we tell them that they can pick out a box of candy to have while watching the movie is enough to bring smiles to OUR faces.

All the goodies for Movie Night and for the Battered Women's & Children's Center

All the goodies for Movie Night and for the Battered Women’s & Children’s Center

So FYI, HEB has “Ice Age Collision Course” for $13.95 AFTER they take the $6 coupon off.  Also with each DVD you get coupons for FREE:

  • 1-8pk Fruitables Juice Boxes
  • 1-Bag of Skinny Pop Popcorn
  • 1-1 Liter Bottle of Aquafina
  • 1-Bag of Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle
  • 2-Bags of Haribo Gummi Candy
  • 1-Box Horizon Organic Milk

The food in this case; the popcorn, brownie brittle, fruit juice boxes and the organic milk I will take to the battered women’s and children’s center that Amber’s Angels also helps. The bags of Haribo Gummi Candy we will give out to the patients at Movie Night.

Thank you ladies and HEB for always helping me out.

Yup, I love my HEB!


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