Barbie Happy Bags

Barbie Happy Bags

Barbie Happy Bags


On June 13th, Amber’s Angels took some Barbies and Barbie pools to patients at Dell Children’s.  You know I never know whose lives we will impact.  There are times that we will have a parent say “How do you do this?”  I have to say that I really feel that Amberlyn and God direct me on what to give and to whom.

Case in point, today.  I had this set to give to a patient. I stopped at this one room, there were twins about 2yrs old.  One was a patient and the other was not.  When I walked in, the little girls were in their crib and when they saw the Barbie with the pool they stated jumping up and down.  They were very excited.  Their Mom got all teary eyed, she said “Ok y’all are gonna have to share.  And what do you say?”  Both twins in unison said “Tank tou!”  It just warmed my heart.  I had more Barbies in my box so I told them to hang on for a minute.  I went and got another one so both girls would have their own Barbies to play with.  When I walked back in I said “Look what I found…I found ANOTHER Barbie for you both to have one!”  The one that didn’t have one jumped up and said “Oh tank tou!”

By this time “I” had tears in MY eyes.  The pool also had these puppies that when you pushed them they flipped in the water!  The girls were just giggling away.  I watched for a few minutes then quietly slipped out.  I thought my heart could not get any fuller.

Well I was wrong.  I went down to ICU and when I walked to the nurses’ station to see if they had any patients that could use a Barbie to cheer them up, who do I see but Marc Marmolejo!  He is a RT and also works with the life flight.  This wonderful man was the ONLY RT that could calm Amberlyn when she was in her induced coma before her transplant.  When all the other RT’s would come she would fight to not do her treatments.  When Marc was on duty and she heard his voice, she would be calm and do the treatments.  This man also asked his supervisor to make an on call list for life flight personnel to volunteer for so if the call came for Amberlyn to get her transplant that people would be there in case the people working were on a call.  :’-)  So needless to say when I saw him I had to give him a hug.

I was told that a 7yr old could probably use a Barbie.  So I went to her room.  She was asleep and her Mom looked at me and tearfully said “She just asked THIS morning for a Barbie!”

Yes I believe my Amberlyn sent me on a special mission today.  :’-)

Thank you sweetheart!

Also a BIIG thank you to Sandi Gray and Jamie Truesdale for making this possible.  Last year I asked for help to get these Barbies & pools and these two ladies stepped up.  The ones I gave out today were ones left over from last year.  So Sandi and Jamie, THANK YOU!!

“Be the change that you want to see in the world..” ~Ghandi


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