NICU “Happy Bags”


A few days ago Amber’s Angels took some “Happy Bags” to patients in the NICU at Dell Children’s Medical Center.  The “Finding Nemo” bags were for the boys and the “Tropical Toucan” bags were for the girls.


It always touches our hearts when we get sweet messages like these:

“Tonight when I got to the NICU at Dell to visit my son, Hudson, I found a gift on the counter from you.  It put a smile on my face- you see, I never had the chance to meet your sweet Amberlyn, but she touched the lives of so many of my friends that it was really special and neat to see her organization was the one that had stopped by.  Thank you for all that you do to keep this going- it means so much to the kiddos (and their families). ~Jessica”

And then this one:

“Thank you for the adorable Finding Nemo blanket for our son Bobby.  He’s a patient at Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, Texas.  You put a smile in our hearts for your generous gift. ~Alexandria”

It makes us happy to know that we could help brighten a day for those that are in the hospital and could possibly be having a stressful time.

This is what YOUR donations helps us to provide! Thank you for helping us to give smiles to families like these.

Please consider making a donation if you can.


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