Valentine’s Day

valentine picture

Valentine’s Day Amber’s Angels spent the day at Dell Children’s.  First on the agenda was having a Valentine Activity for the patients.  We had wood picture frames that had a heart cut out for their picture.  The patients had fun decorating the frames with Valentine stickers. When they were done they all got a little goodie bag that had bubbles, play doh and Valentine window clings that they could decorate their windows in their rooms with. Our awesome volunteer Sara helped.  She is such a hoot and always has everyone laughing and smiling.

Valentine cookies

Cookies from “Sweet Nana Cakes:



Another volunteer Leslie with Sweet Nana Cakes made these AWESOME Valentine cookies for us to hand out to everyone that came.  One Mom said “Those are too pretty to eat!” to which her daughter said “No their not!”  LOL Leave it to a child to tell you how it is!!



valentine happy bags

Valentine “Happy Bags”






After the activity we had some Valentine “Happy Bags” to give to patients that could not make it down to the activity. We gave out a total of 18 Happy Bags!! It is always priceless to see the faces of the patients that get one of our Happy Bags.  Some are in total shock and then when they open the bag to see what they got the squeals of excitement and the smiles is the best!





birthday buckets

TMNT Birthday Goodies



We found out that it was one patient’s birthday. He was turning 4 today.  Don’t you think it is cool to be a Valentine’s Baby?!  We did a little investigative work and found out that he was a HUGE TMNT fan.  So we went to Target to get him some cool stuff.  Plus we heard that he has had a rough time here lately and we wanted to make his birthday special. If we could help him to maybe just for a little bit forget he was in the hospital then we have done our job.


birthday boy #2

Look at that smile!



When we walked in and he saw all his goodies he was so happy.  One thing that he had a blast with was the bottle of bubbles!  He was really good at blowing and making bubbles.  He even was able to CATCH them!  Look at that smile! Yup I would say that we did our job well today.


It was nice to spread a little joy and love on this Valentine’s Day.


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