Clothing Mission

Clothing for patients

Clothing for patients

Every now and then Amber’s Angels gets a request from nurses asking for items to help with the well being of a patient.  We received one of those requests on Jan. 16th.  A lot of times patients come in late during the night and well in some cases they show up only in a diaper and with a blanket.  Some parents in their rush to get their child to the hospital the only thing on their mind is getting their child help…not thinking “Oh I should pack a bag of clothes.”  When the patient gets discharged, in some cases the next morning, they have no chlothes to go home in.  Sometimes a diaper and blanket are ok but when its cold that is not a good thing.  So the nurses asked Amber’s Angels if we ever get donations of clothes.  At Christmas time we do so I told them yes.

With our donors help, we were able to take up 100 ( yes you read that right….100 ) outfits that the nurses can pick one and give to a patient when they are discharged.  We want to make sure that the patient is clothed so hopefully not to catch a cold in our cool weather we have been having lately.

Thank you to our donors for helping Amber’s Angels to take care of this need.  We could not do it without you!!

I know Amberlyn is so proud that her organization is able to help with this request.

Have a blessed day everyone! And remember, we take donations YEAR ROUND!