Disney “Planes” Movie Night 1.17.14

January 17, 2014 Amber’s Angels had a Movie Night at Dell Children’s Medical Center.  Our first movie night for 2014 and we showed Disney’s “Planes”.  It is always so much fun to watch the patients and their families come in to see the auditorium decorated with balloons and posters.  Some of the patients get really excited when they see that there is pizza, candy & popcorn and the families are shocked when they find out that it is all FREE. 

This particular movie night we found out that one of our own friend’s son was in PICU.  They had been in for a while and had not been able to be with their other son because they were here taking care of their infant son.  They said that they had their family bring the other son for the movie night so they could have “Mommy Son time”.  As we watched them have their Mommy/Son date it pulled at our hearts. 

When the movie was over we gave some of the patients goodie bags.  We all wanted to give the son a bag as well.  In the bag was a copy of the movie “Planes”, coloring book/crayons, “Planes” tattoos and a “Planes” toy.  The little boy was ecstatic to get the toy.  The Mom told us that he had wanted one when he went to the gift shop but they didn’t get it and he was upset.  Now he had his plane!


As with all the movie nights we do at Dell, we take the balloons, posters and goodie bags to patients that were too ill to come.  We want them to feel like they were part of our movie night as well.  When we go into a room to give them all the goodies we have for them and see their face light up with a smile….yes we know we are doing our job.  Our late founder, Amberlyn always said….”if I can make just one patient smile then I know I have done my job well.” So we are carrying on her tradition.

Volunteer Sara Bridges & President Debbie Fett
delivering goodie bags to patients in their rooms.


Later that night I got this sweet message from our friend….

“Thank you so much for tonight- I am sure all of the other kids and parents feel the same way it is so nice to step out of the dark hole and feel like your almost at home again for a lil while. Such a wonderful thing. Thank you so much for the gifts as well. My son was having a breakdown leaving so I pulled out the plane again and told him to take it home to show my brother and all was well in the world. Once I get this lil one through this let me know if you ever need volunteers for different things and I would love that.  I mean it.”

It is with sweet notes like that, that make us want to do our mission even more.  It shows us that we did make a difference in someone’s life.

Thank you to all our donors that make donations to Amber’s Angels.  Without you we would not be able to do what we do!  Plus thank you to Amber’s Angels volunteers who help us do these wonderful events!!

Volunteer Sara Bridges, Volunteer Grant Norwood
President Debbie Fett


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