Amber’s Angels Summer Music Series – Curtis Grimes

Amber’s Angels gained another Honorary Angel.  Curtis Grimes is always eager to come sing for the patients whenever we ask him to.  Not once has he ever said no.  Curtis has helped Amber’s Angels on several occasions and we feel blessed to have him with us. 

The Amber’s Angels Summer Music Series is something that was very important to Amberlyn our late founder.  She loved, Loved, LOVED Texas Country Music and she wanted to share her love of the music with the patients.  Whenever Amberlyn was in the hospital, listening to music could always make her lowest of low days be better.  She would say that music could heal the soul. 

We had a good turnout.  As I looked around and I saw smiles, toes tapping and yes even some dancing it brought a smile to my own face.  It made me think of Amberlyn and how excited she would get to see her dream come to life.  Curtis wanted to go to some of the rooms of patients that could not come down.  There was a little girl that tugged at his heart strings.  She was only 2yrs old but she was mesmerized by Curtis and his guitar.  She just stood there listening to every word that he sang and yes she even danced for him!  Then there was the young man that gave Curtis the “thumbs up” sign.  He thought it was so cool that Curtis would take a picture with him.  All of the patients, whether they came to the event or we went to their rooms, were all so appreciative that he came to sing to them. 

She was mesmerized by his guitar. =)


He gave Curtis the “Thumbs Up” Award

In Texas we are blessed to have several of the Texas Country Music artists that want to be part of the events we hold for the patients.  I have said it once and I will probably say it till I can’t say it anymore but we have the greatest musicians here in Texas.  They have such big hearts, they like to help those in need and spread smiles when they can.  I am proud to say I am from the great state of Texas and I will support these musicians in any way that I can.

If you haven’t heard any of Curtis Grimes music then make sure to check him out.  His music is great! I cannot say enough good about him.  You won’t regret becoming one of his fans.


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