Amber’s Angels Summer Music Series – Cody Canada, Seth James & Jessica Murray Walker

Cody Canada & Seth James from “The Departed” along with Seth’s beautiful wife Jessica Murray Walker came to sing for the patients last week. Amber’s Angels Summer Music Series was blessed to have these wonderful people come and be part of our event. Each week we are just so humbled to have the entertainers come sing.

The patients started coming in a steady stream and before we knew it the who…le play room was totally packed! As Cody, Seth and Jessica sang you could see everyone enjoying the music. There was toe tapping and I even saw a little one that was no older than maybe 18months be bopping with the music. These are things that catches my heart every time when we do this.

There was a little boy that it was his birthday the day before and it was the first time that he had been able to get out of his room. He was in alot of pain but every now and then I would look over and he was smiling. His Mom told me that he had not smiled a lot since he got put in the hospital, she was a little teary eyed and she thanked me for bringing this for the patients and their families to enjoy.

Something as simple as being able to get out of the room to break the routine of having tests, iv’s, nurse’s, doctor’s etc is all they need sometimes to make them feel “normal” again. These patients and their families look forward to these little events. Our founder Amberlyn, knew exactly what these patients were going through. She had spent MANY days in the hospital and this is how Amber’s Angels was born. She wanted to make a difference in their lives. Amberlyn said that it was her mission to make people smile. She did have an infectious smile and she could light up the room with her smile.

Amber’s Angels gave out t-shirts after Cody, Seth and Jessica finished singing. It was so sweet to see the patients go up to them and ask if they could get their autograph. It touched my heart to see Cody, Seth and Jessica interact with the patients. They were so good with them. But then they all are parents themselves and I am sure that seeing what they were seeing was making them feel blessed that their own children were healthy and doing well.

When we got done there, they said that they would like to do room visits of patients that could not come down. Not gonna lie this is where I got choked up. We went to a room of a young lady that had not been able to lift her head for at least two weeks. The Mom said that that day was the first time that she was able to sit up and keep her head up. Her daughter was a teenager and yes like most teenage girls she was worried about her appearance. Jessica told her that she was beautiful and just to keep smiling. The patient and Jessica talked for a bit and then she told Jessica that she liked her earrings. Jessica told her “Well honey they would look beautiful on you!” She took her earrings out and GAVE them to the patient!! She just smiled from ear to ear. I looked at Jessica’s husband Seth and he had tears in his eyes. He was probably thinking what a blessing his wife was and I would say I couldn’t agree with him more! Later on when we were going to other rooms, we saw this young lady in her wheelchair. She had the biggest smile on her face….and yes she was rocking those beautiful earrings that Jessica had given her. Jessica will say that it was nothing but her simple act of kindness brought a smile to this young ladies face and changed her whole day. Yup that is why we do what we do with Amber’s Angels. Making a difference one smile at a time.

Then on the last patient that we saw it was a young man that we could not go into the room. So Cody, Seth and Jessica said that he was so important that they had to stay behind the security line like at their shows. The patient just laughed. They asked him what kind of music he would like to hear and he said George Strait. Cody said I can do that and he sang a George Strait song for him.Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not heard of Cody Canada & The Departed please, Please, PLEASE go check out their music. If they are ever near where you are, go to one of their shows….trust me you will not be disappointed. This is the second year that they have been part of the Amber’s Angels Summer Music Series and I Amber’s Angels would be honored to have them back every year that they would like to come. What a blessing they are. I cannot thank them enough for helping Amber’s Angels to spread smiles like we did that day.


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