Princess Tea & Cupcake Party

Amber’s Angels helped with the “Princess Tea & Cupcake Party” up at Dell Children’s yesterday. We called our good friends at “The Cupcake Bar” here in Austin and asked if they could help us make the party a success. The owner at The Cupcake Bar said that they would be happy to be there. We have had The Cupcake Bar help us with events at Dell Children’s before and the patients love it when they come. I mean how can you NOT like the party with wonderful delicious cupcakes!!

The patients came in and were excited to find out that they could put whatever they wanted on the cupcakes. They were able to pick either a chocolate, vanilla or lemon cupcake. Then they got to choose what flavor icing to put on it. And to top it off you could pick whatever candy you wanted on it!! Some of the patients had to think really hard cuz there was so much to choose from. It was so cute to watch them design their own cupcake and then proceed to eat it. Even the parents were eager to try the cupcakes out.

It is Camp Courage Week at Dell Children’s and the Child Life Department has done a wonderful job in making it a fun week. For the party yesterday they decorated the playroom all cute. They even had this cute cupcake piñata, all the little girls wanted that to take to their room. They had an organization that donated tiaras, princess wands, princess cups and beautiful scarves for all the girls to take.

Please check out The Cupcake Bar at They are fantastic!!!

It was a HUGE success and Amber’s Angels is so glad to be a part of it! There were lots of smiles, giggles and good times and that is what it is all about! If you ever wonder what your money that you donate to Amber’s Angels does….well here is one thing that it helps us to do!


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