Amber’s Angels Summer Music Series – Granger Smith

Amber’s Angels was blessed to have Granger Smith once again come sing for the patients at Dell Children’s Medical Center.  What a blessing this man is!  The first year that Amber’s Angels started the Summer Music Series, Granger was all for coming and singing to the patients. 

Granger is so good with the patients.  He really gets down on their level and interacts with them so well.  The patients are drawn to his energy, kindness and yes even silliness.  Granger had a way of making them smile, dance and sing. He would ask the patients which one wanted him to sit by them and sing to them.  There was a little girl that we later found out had a “crush” on him…she was only two years old!  It was the cutest thing.  Her Mom told us that her daughter took about 100 photos of Granger on her phone.  Lol Then there was Diego that thought it was so “cool” that Granger would sign his shirt for him.  Not to mention that he got a drumstick from Granger’s drummer that was used at the last show that Granger did.  Diego thought getting that and also Granger’s guitar pick was the best thing ever. 

Sweet 2yr old that had a “crush” on Granger


Diego with Granger


After Granger sang for the patients that could come to the event, he then went to patient’s room that could not come down.  Some of these patients either had too many ivs, had to stay in bed or were too sick to come.  We wanted to make sure that everyone was able to experience seeing Granger.  Brady was a patient that was able to come down but had to leave because he had to do his treatments.  So he missed some of the event.  He was so surprised when Granger showed up to his room.  He had a guitar in his room and asked if Granger would autograph it for him.  Yup….Granger did.  But I think the one that touched me the most was the little girl in her room with her family.  Granger talked to the family and then sat by the bed and sang for the little girl.  While he was singing a gentleman with a prosthetic leg came and stood by the door.  He just watched and was getting emotional.  After Granger was done the gentleman told us that he was a wounded warrior.  I don’t know if all of you know but Granger does the Boot Campaign that supports soldiers.  It is something that Granger is very passionate about.  So when the gentleman said he was a wounded warrior you could tell that it touched Granger. This sweet man was the grandfather of the little girl that Granger just sang to.  He was overcome with emotion that we would do something like that for his granddaughter much less all the patients in the hospital.

People if you haven’t heard of Granger Smith….well you need to go get his latest cd, “Dirt Road Driveway”!  It is a fantastic cd and Granger’s alter ego “Earl Dibbles Jr” has two songs on the cd as well =)  Please support this young man like he has support Amber’s Angels whenever we have asked him to.


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