Amber’s Angels Summer Music Series–Cory Morrow

Amberlyn had a dream of doing a Summer Music Series at Dell Children’s Hospital for the patients and their families.  She wanted to have some of her favorite Texas Country Music Artist’s come and sing.  In 2010 she contacted all of the artist and told them what she wanted to do and asked if they would please come.  To her surprise EVERYONE was on board!!!  She was so thankful that when the artist could have said no they all said yes sign me up and tell me when to be there.

Amberlyn wanted to share her love of Texas Country Music.  Some of these patients have never been to a concert and in most cases would not ever be able to go to a concert.  So Amberlyn decided she wanted to help them be able to experience a concert.  The patients get to see them sing up close and personal, then afterwards get to actually talk to the artists, get their autograph and their picture taken.  It just tickled Amberlyn to see the patient’s toes tapping, singing and smiling.  She got to actually see her dream of bringing music to the patients before she passed away.

Cory Morrow

 Today Cory Morrow came and sang.  He is such a wonderful man!  Every time Amber’s Angels has asked him to be part of the Summer Music Series he ALWAYS says “I would be honored to be there!”  Cory being a family man and a father of two children can see the impact that he has on these patients.  It makes him thankful for the blessing of having healthy children and thank the Lord for that blessing.  He has a very caring heart and he reached out to several patients today.  Cory has a way of getting the children to be part of the singing.  He interacts with them in such a special way.  On one of the songs he sang he asked the children to howl with him.  One little boy thought that was the coolest things!  One family told Cory that they were big fans of his and that seeing him at the hospital almost made it worth being there.  And then there was sweet Josh that was in patient rehab.  His therapist was telling Cory that they do music therapy to help these children.  She told him of how certain music can help calm Josh.  Upon hearing that Cory sang a song that was like what she described and yup Josh was relaxing!  Music does heal the soul.  Then there was the sweet 9month old little girl that was on a ventilator.  This one was especially hard for me cuz it reminded me of my sweet Amberlyn when she was in that same situation waiting to get her transplant.  The little girl just looked at Cory and watched him sing.  It was soothing to her. 

Cory with the little boy that loved to “howl”


Big fans of Cory


This ladies and gentlemen is what it is all about.  Helping the hurting, sick and yes even scared children to maybe for just a few minutes to have some fun and forget for just a little while that they were in a hospital.  That was Amberlyn’s vision….to bring smiles, laughter and joy to these precious children and their families. 

So do me a favor….buy one of Cory Morrow’s cd’s and listen to his wonderful music.  Go to one of his concerts and enjoy his witty and energetic show.  If you are in the Austin area, he will be at the KOKE FM Free Texas Concert Series this Wednesday June 5th….it’s FREE!!!!

Cory….thank you, Thank You….THANK YOU!!!! You are such a blessing and a man of God.  Your faith is another thing that Amberlyn loved about you.  You sir will ALWAYS be an angel to Amber’s Angels.   We love you!!!


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