Amber’s Angels gets a donation from Dripping Springs Middle School Advisory Class


Dripping Springs Middle School
Advisory Class

A few weeks back a sweet young lady by the name of Elizabeth Driggers contacted me and said that her and her class had done a fundraiser for Amber’s Angels.  She asked if there was a time that we could meet so her class could present me with the funds that they raised.  Elizabeth was so excited to tell me that they had risen over $800 for Amber’s Angels.  We made arrangements for me to go to her school & class. 

These students are at the Dripping Springs Middle School.  This was the same school where Amberlyn our founder decided to form Amber’s Angels many years ago. 

Upon getting there, the class was so excited to be able to tell me what they did.  The teacher, Mrs. Rachel Frimel, told me that they worked all year to plan out their bake sale as part of an enrichment project in Advisory class. She said that this year, they added a new course for all students called “Advisory” where students focus on various endeavors such as technology skills, character education, and enrichment. At the beginning of the year, Mrs. Frimel presented the class with the option of choosing their own enrichment project and Elizabeth Driggers chose Amber’s Angles and gathered a group to spearhead the project of running a bake sale to raise funds at Founders Day in our Dripping Springs community. This also happened to align with the DSEF student leadership grant criteria and goals which aided in the creation of this opportunity.

As I was talking with Elizabeth and the class, I realized that Elizabeth had also gotten her Sunday school class to make several Christmas Gift Bags for Amber’s Angels last year.  It just warmed my heart that the youth wanted to do something for others.  My heart melted watching all of these students get so excited to tell me how they were able to raise $800 for Amber’s Angels.  They were so proud of themselves, as they should be!

We took a picture and as you can see the students were so proud.  Elizabeth Driggers is the young lady holding the yellow card that they made for Amber’s Angels.

I am in awe of the wonderful good deed that these students did for Amber’s Angels.  Seeing this gives me hope in the next generation.  It also makes me proud of their parents….they are raising their children well.  And it also makes me proud of Mrs. Frimel to teach her students about enriching the lives of others by their actions.  Most students at that age don’t think about these things but Mrs. Frimels class does and God Bless them!!


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