Despicable Me Movie Night



Last Friday, 2.22.13,  Amber’s Angels had a movie night at Dell Children’s Medical Center.  We always have such a good time when we go.  One of our volunteer’s son actually was in the hospital so he got to come to the movie.  Amber’s Angels hopes that lil man Noah gets better soon!!  We love you Noah!  We showed “Despicable Me”, what a fun movie. 

Dominoes pizza was kind enough to help with the costs of the pizzas again.  They have been so wonderful in helping us out for all our movie nights.  The patients and their families love it when we have pizza.  A friend of ours makes beanies and I had asked her if she could make the minion beanie that we could give to the patients that came to the movie.  She was so sweet and said “Most definitely!!”.  So for this movie Amber’s Angels made a gift bag that had the minion beanie and also a dvd of the Despicable Me for the patients that came to see the movie.

The children were excited to be able to have pizza, candy, popcorn, water and then get a gift bag to boot!  I love making children smile.  =)  A big thank you goes out to our volunteers Grant Norwood, Sara Bridges and Tabitha Mc Fall-Ray for helping with this month’s movie night.  I appreciate you all so much!

Thank you to all our donors that send in donations…your donations helps Amber’s Angels to have movie nights once a month for these precious children.  God Bless You!




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