“Happy Bag” for a patient

Yesterday Amber’s Angels received an email from a patients Aunt telling us that her Nephew was in the hospital at Dell Children’s.  She started the email saying that she just found out that our founder had passed away.  This nice lady actually had been praying for Amberlyn when she was waiting for her double lung transplant.  She was so sweet to us during that scary time of our lives.  Her heartfelt email of emotion just touched my heart so much.


Her nephew has Cystic Fibrosis as well, that of course made my heart ache.  I pray every day that we will be able to say that CF means CURE FOUND. 

We at Amber’s Angels are in the business to bring smiles to children that are in the hospital.  So we went on a mission to make this patient a “Happy Bag”.  Child Life Specialists at the hospitals have told us that it is better not to say “Get Well Soon” because unfortunately in some cases the patient doesn’t get well, that is why we call our bags “Happy Bags”.  We handmade the patient a blanket and got a really cool gift.

Now it was time to take it to the hospital.  Whenever we take a bag to a patient it is always something that touches my heart.  To see the surprise on their face when they get their bag and then the huge smile is exactly what Amberlyn wanted to do with Amber’s Angels.  She had always said that if she can make just one child smile and for just a minute forget where they were then she did her job that God wanted her to do.  From the reaction of this patient….I have to say “Amberlyn you are STILL making children smile!!” 

I love my job with Amber’s Angels.  It is so rewarding.  God is good!


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