The Prep Schools Toy Donation Drive for Amber’s Angels

Debbie Fett & Tammy Jennings with toys from The Prep Schools Toy Drive.

A few weeks back Amber’s Angels was contacted by Erin Racca  stating “We are a new private preschool in the Dripping Springs area that just opened 2 months ago.  We are trying to finalize our holiday season activities.  We would like to finish organizing our holiday “community give back event.”  We wanted to donate items to a local charity in Dripping Springs.  After looking on the internet-we felt Amber’s Angels would be the perfect charity.”

I contacted her back and said Yes we would LOVE to have their help with donations!  From that point on she referred me  to Heather White and we set things up.  She had asked what we needed and a date of when they could either deliver or have me pick the donations up.  This past friday Dec. 14th I went to The Prep Schools,,  in Dripping Springs and I must say I was very impressed by this establishment.  I had gotten there at the same time as another individual and you have to get permission to come in.  The doors are locked.  I was let in and I was going to hold the door open for the young lady and she told me “no you go ahead and go in” and she let the door shut.  She then had to go through the same process as I did.  I later found out that she was a worker there.  They are ensuring that the safety of the children is first and foremost.  Once inside I saw how clean it was.  Then I met with Tammy Jennings, what a nice lady. 

Tammy showed me the big box that they had used to collect toys and donations with.  It was overflowing onto the floor!  She said that once the parents had heard Amberlyn’s story and what Amber’s Angels does, they all wanted to be part of the toy drive.  The parents were so giving and I could see that as we loaded all the donations into the car.  I am so touched by the generosity of people that want to help.  If it wasn’t for wonderful people such as these at The Prep Schools, Amber’s Angels would not be able to do what we do.  Amberlyn I know is so proud of what her organization is able to do…”bring smiles to the children in the hospital”.

A few years back Amberlyn said “I realized that life is too short to take things for granted!  I enjoy the small things in life, and if I can put a smile on someone’s face, I know I’ve done my job.  I feel it’s my calling to help others through the knowledge that I have obtained having been faced with my own obstacles.  I know what it’s like to be at your lowest, I want to help as many as possible.  I want to leave my mark on this world…I want to make a difference!”  All I have to say is Amberlyn you ARE making a difference.  You are helping others to “Pay it Forward”!!!

Amber’s Angels would like to thank EVERYONE at The Prep Schools here in Dripping Springs.  With your help Amber’s Angels is able to continue Amberlyn’s dream and also keep her legacy & memory alive!!


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