Toys & Band Aids from the Respiratory Program at Virginia College

Toys & Band Aids from a wonderful group of ladies from the Respiratory Program at Virginia College.

Amber’s Angels met with Jennifer Phillip Burgess yesterday.  Jennifer had contacted us last week and wrote:

“I’m the Clinical Director for the Respiratory Program at Virginia College and wanted to let you know that we are going to help raise toys and band aids for the Christmas season. We are excited with all that you do in honor of your daughter and would love to help out! Please let me know of anything we can do to help! Thanks so much! Jennifer”

This wonderful young lady took care of Amberlyn’s brother when he was in the hospital this past August when he had pneumonia.  She had a wonderful group of young ladies that were on clinical rounds when Phillip was in.  They all were so full of energy and just a hoot to be around.  There was one that we nicknamed “fanny-pack girl” and we laughed every time when they came in.  They definitely helped keep the atmosphere upbeat. 

To receive this message that they wanted to help Amber’s Angels just touched me in a way that I cannot describe.  It warmed my heart that they wanted to do this. 

Today Jennifer and I met and she gave me all the toys and band aids that they had collected.  I know that the children will be so excited with the gifts that these wonderful young ladies collected for them.  And the nurses will be so happy for the band aids.  They have told me that the band aids are like gold.  When a patient has to get a painful procedure and needs a band aid, the ones that Amber’s Angels is providing make them smile and forget for just a little bit why they needed the band aid in the first place.  The “fun” band aids that they get to pick themselves make them smile, giggle and just be a child.

So Jennifer and all the ladies at the Respiratory Program at the Virginia College…..thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!  God Bless You all!!!  Thank you with all my heart!


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