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There has been a flurry of activity with Amber’s Angels lately.  May was particularly busy.   With the passing of our founder, Amberlyn Fett in November, Amber’s Angels had a special meeting to appoint a new President.  It was unanimously voted that Debbie Fett would take over the new responsibility.

KVET Radio Thon for Dell Children’s Medical Center

In May KVET radio station was having a Radio Thon to raise money for Dell Children’s Medical Center, a hospital that Amberlyn had spent much of her time at.  KVET asked Debbie to please come tell of how DCMC helped in Amberlyn’s care.

While speaking Chris Mossier who has become a good friend of Amber’s Angels and also the Fett Family talked about Amber’s Angels work at DCMC.  He talked about the many things that Amber’s Angels does for the children there and expressed the gratitude that he had for our organization.



10 listeners won Amber’s Angels t-shirts signed by Randy Rogers, along with his latest “Burning the Day” CD, for donations of $365 each.

Debbie decided to make a challenge to the listeners and said for the next 10 people to call in to be an “Everyday Hero” at $365.00 she would personally get Randy Rogers, from the Randy Rogers Band, to autograph the t-shirt he designed for a toy drive he did for Amber’s Angels a few years back.  With Randy’s help Amber’s Angels was able to raise $3650.00 for KVET’s DCMC Radio Thon!!!!  Randy has been a big supporter of Amber’s Angels for several years now.  He became very good friends with Amberlyn while she was waiting for her double lung transplant in 2009.  Randy is also on the Amber’s Angels Advisory Board.

Once a month Amber’s Angels has a movie night at DCMC.  We provide drinks, movie theater box candy, the movie and decorations.  Domino’s partnered with Amber’s Angels to provide pizza for the patients and their families while watching the movie.  Amberlyn’s idea of the movie night was to make it like the family had a night out on the town, movie with dinner.  The movie for May was Chipmunk “Chipwrecked”.  It was a cute movie.  We decorated the auditorium like it was a tropical island.  When the patients came in the first thing they saw was the balloons.  Then they saw the pizza, candy and popcorn.  A lot of the patients and families were surprised that it was all FREE.

Amber’s Angels also once a month takes 400 coloring books & 8 count boxes of crayons.  We deliver 100 coloring books & crayons to the Emergency Room Department, 100 to same day surgery Panda Unit, 100 to the 4 Central Respiratory floor (this is where Amberlyn spent most of her time) and then the other 100 we divide to the other floors in the hospital.  The staff is so appreciative when we bring these.  They say that it is a “God Send” because it helps keep the patients occupied while waiting to be seen.

Summer Music Series 2011 – Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen with patients

Last year before Amberlyn got ill, she had a vision of getting all of her favorite Texas Country Musicians to come sing for the patients at DCMC.  She wanted to share her love of Texas Country Music with the patients and their families.  Amberlyn had become friends with most of these artists and she contacted them and told them of her vision.  She asked them if they would like to participate and every single one that she contacted said YES.  Amberlyn called it “DCMC Summer Music Series”.  It was a success and she wanted to do it again this year.  So to continue her dream we contacted everyone and once again they have said yes.  These are some good people.  There is ALWAYS one patient that captures the heart of the artists and they are hooked on wanting to do more.  It made Amberlyn smile when she saw this happen.  The first guest this year was her best friend Randy Rogers and his fiddle player Brady Black.

A personal note from the President Debbie Fett ~Amberlyn’s Mom~

When Amberlyn was on life support last November I had told her that maybe we needed to postpone doing Amber’s Angels until she got better.  Amberlyn could not talk but she communicated by writing notes.  She cried and begged me to please continue doing Amber’s Angels.  Amberlyn said that she did not want the children that we serve to go without because of her situation.  I promised her that I would, not knowing that two days later she would be gone forever from my life.  Even when she knew it was the end for her, she was more worried about the children we serve.  So on that note, I want to thank everyone that has donated and continues to donate.  It is because of you that I am able to keep my promise to my daughter.  Amber’s Angels was her dream and now will be her life’s legacy.

Amberlyn’s favorite quote by Ghandi was “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

God Bless,

Debbie Fett


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