This possibly is going to be one of the hardest posts that I will have to do

Amberlyn FettThis possibly is going to be one of the hardest posts that I will have to do….as most of you know my daughter Amberlyn Fett had been sick since August from complications of her double lung transplant.

In August she was told that she was going through rejection but there were things that they could do to maybe stop it.  Unfortunately it didn’t work. She has been in and out of the hospital since then.  On Sunday after only being home for 2 days from her last hospitalization she told me to call 911 and she was rushed to the hospital once again.  Each time we have had to go back to the hospital it just broke her spirit even more.  Looking back I can see now that she knew already what was fixing to happen but did not want to worry ME.  She was so ill this time that once again they had to put her in ICU and intubate her.  It broke my heart to see her spirit broken.  She had already started to withdraw from things that she loved, eating, talking to family and just wanted to sleep.  She had talked to me of things that  she wanted me to remember.  Telling me that she didn’t want me to blame myself for anything that was about to come, that it was in God’s hands and that she loved me.  I don’t know about any other parents out there but hearing your child say those words can spark terror in you heart.

This morning at 7:30am my precious daughter took her last breath and became an official Angel for her Lord.  She was surrounded by family and her best friend Eddie Jones.  I want to thank my Mom, Aunt Diane & Uncle Richard, my son Phillip, Eddie, Darren (her Dad) and Kristian (her Dad’s sister) for helping me to cope with this incredible loss that I have.  Eddie you were a rock for our family and I am so lucky to have you in our lives.  I know that Amberlyn was thankful that you were there by her side.  Darren I am glad that you got to be here.  I am sorry that it was under these circustances thou.

Mom and Phillip you are my rocks right now.  There are no words that can even begin to explain how much you mean to me.  You have been so protective, loving and supportive of me these past few days.  I know that I am not the only one in pain and all I can say is as long as we have each other we will get through this and will carry on Amberlyn’s memory.  I love you both soooo much.

Amberlyn did not want a funeral, she wanted to be cremated and her ashes spread at the beach.  We will have a memorial to be determined at a later date to celebrate her life.  Amberlyn did request that instead of flowers that donations be made to:

Amber’s Angels
Po Box 1220
Dripping Srpings, Tx  78620

(a 501c3 organization)


Fett Family Fund
c/o Cattleman’s National Bank
Account #3136760
PO Box 1243
Dripping Springs, Tx 78620

(the bereavement fund for the family)


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