Went in yesterday to find Amberlyn awake, alert and NO TUBE!!!

went in yesterday to find Amberlyn awake, alert and NO TUBE!!!  The doctors came in at 10am and at 10:30am they took the tube out!  She still could not talk cuz her poor throat hurt so bad from the tube.  But she wrote that she was glad it was out.  Also said that she was trying to swallow and was gagging and that was why the dr said to get it out now.  Amberlyn said that one of the drs had to walk out cuz he got emotional watching her struggle.  He is a good dr.  We have been VERY blessed with our transplant drs.  They are all so caring and protective of her as well as their other patients I’m sure.  But it is always nice to know that they have your back when you need it.  Her poor little arms are so swollen from the continuous fluids.  I am hoping that they can give her some lasiks to help that or better yet stop the fluids now that she is awake.  My Mom and Amberlyn’s brother Phillip came later and like I knew it would be, it was a very emotional time.  Amberlyn started crying.  Phillip sat by her bedside the whole time holding her hand.  That made me cry.  They are so close now, I can remember a time when they were trying to get each other in trouble when they were younger.  lol  Phillip had to leave a 2pm cuz he had EMT training and before he left he kissed her on the top of her head.  After he walked out Amberlyn held her head where he kissed her.  =/  The day went pretty good.  She was supposed to go for a veino gram at noon but that turned out to be more like 3pm.  She was gone for 3hrs!  I was starting to panic.  3hrs is a long time to be in surgery.  But finally at 6pm they came and told me she was back in the room.  I was totally expecting to see her all in a bad way and to my surprize she was up and alert.  She told me that she was awake for the whole thing!  I thought maybe she “thought” she was cuz of the meds that they give but after talking to the dr that was there nope that wasn’t the case.  She is going to have to go back today for the veino gram.  Her veins kept collapsing so today they are going to put her to sleep so they can go thru her arms.  They are going to take her port out, put in a stinte, put in a new port and hopefully that will make things better.  He said that she had blockage in one of the veins to her heart therefore when she does any kind of actiivity she swells up.  He said that it is a safe and fairly easy procedure.  Please pray that God will give them the knowledge to do it right and safe for Amberlyn.  When it was time for me to leave last night she cried and begged me to stay.  It took me an hour to calm her down and it broke my heart.  I told her soon she would be in a room that I will be able to stay but for now she needs to know that I am there always maybe not physically but I AM there.  So that is the report for now.  I will update later.


Mama Fett


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