Ok going to write a quick update before I leave for the hospital

Ok going to write a quick update before I leave for the hospital. Yesterday was a LONG day.  I didn’t get back to the hotel til midnight and was just pure exhausted.  They wanted to take the tube out yesterday but Amberlyn freaked out so the dr said to leave it in for now.  She told the RT to work with Amberlyn during the day to get her maybe ready for her to take it out later. But the RT never worked with Amberlyn and it really pissed me off.  The dr said that her x-rays still showed improvement, her kidneys are now showing that they are working better, and her pulmonary numbers on the vent are looking really good.  One thing that she said is that she needed to take her off the proporal so she is more alert.  They need that so they can take the tube out.  They started her on tube feedings for nourishment which is good.  Granted it’s not like eating real food but hey it’s a start.  Since how they decreased the proporal she was more alert which at the same time made her more aware of her pain.  So she was asking for more pain meds.  Some nurses don’t have a problem with giving them to her and then there are some that do.  They say that they want to keep her comfortable and not in so much pain but act like it is an inconvenience.  And that makes Amberlyn upset cuz she doesn’t want to upset anyone.  =[ now that she is alert she communicates by writing messages on a clipboard.  She asked my Mom what happened and why was she in ICU.  So we explained to her what all happened.  It frightened her but we told her that Dr Angel was in charge and that she was in good hands.  We explained how she really needed to trust the drs and let them get the tube out cuz the longer it is in the worse it could get.  And she fully understood that.  She said she wanted it out.  So we were doing good until the new night nurse came in.  All I can say is that she should NOT be a nurse.  No bedside manner at all.  She pulled on Amberlyns iv and Amberlyn motioned to her that it hurt and the nurse told her no it didn’t!  I then told her if she tells you it does then obviously it does.  The nurse then starts pulling on all the tubes and was in Amberlyn’s face, Amberlyn DOES NOT like anything close to her face and she motioned for the nurse to back off and the nurse said “You are here to get better and if you don’t let me do what I need to do then you need to go somewhere else”!!!  Amberlyn’s eyes got all big and she teared up.  I was like oh no you did not just say that.  And I went out of the room and told them I wanted to speak to the charge nurse.  Everyone wanted to know what was the matter so I told them and they were all floored. The charge nurse came and by this time I am so angry that I am crying.  I told her what happened and she was shocked and asked if those were the direct words she used and I said yes ma’am.  She said that she would get us another nurse.  I went back to the room and my Mom was fit to be tied.  Guess while I was gone the nurse was trying to brush Amberlyn’s teeth and it kept getting caught on her braces and she was yanking on it.  My Mom explained that she had braces and the nurse told her that it needed to be done no matter.  Mom told her then put in her records that I told you to stop and the nurse in a rude way said oh I will!  I told the nurse to just stop talking and she had a hissy fit.  She is lucky I didn’t punch her lights out!  So then the charge nurse came in told the nurse to come out to the hall and she told her she would not be Amberlyn’s nurse.  GOOD!  My Mom had to leave cuz my son Phillip is coming up.  It is a surprised for Amberlyn.  I know it will be very emotional when her brother walks in but I hope it will be a good thing.  So she left to meet him at the hotel.  I stayed longer with Amberlyn to get her calm after the fiasco with the nurse.  The new nurse was very sweet.  I was supposed to leave at 8 but with everything that went on they let me stay longer so I could help Amberlyn get calm. So that folks is it for yesterday.  Now I am off to go see her for today. Please pray that her night did go better and that she is ready to get the tube out.  She did tell me last night she knows that she needs the tube out but she is scared.  Bless her heart.  I tried to comfort her and tell her that she needs to trust Dr. Angel and she said she did.  Today will be another trying day but I know she can do it.  We have to have faith.

I will update later tonight.


Mama Fett


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