Well we got to San Antonio around 9pm Saturday

Well we got to San Antonio around 9pm Saturday.  It was a very bumpy stressful ride for Amberlyn.  She said it felt like they hit every bump in the road which made her head and back hurt even more.  By the time she got to the transplant hospital she was in quite a bit of pain.  The on call internal med doctors came to evaluate her and they told us the plan for the night.  Amberlyn asked them if she could please get some pain meds and they were like of coarse. We had Elizabeth for our nurse and she was so kind to get Amberlyn comfortable.  They started hard with 4 big doses of heavy hitting anti-biotics.  They didn’t know what they were dealing with yet but they wanted to put anti biotics on board and then take them off as we know what we are dealing with.  I have to tell you that last night was the first night that we both slept really well.  Amberlyn summed it up perfectly…we felt safe here, we knew that we were going to get taken care of.  I cannot tell you how much that means to us.  These people here are our family and we trust them.  So today we talked to our doctors.  Infectious control came by and said they were going to take her off some of the anti biotics that the other doctors put her on.  They explained that the other doctors were just covering all bases to protect Amberlyn.  Her chest xray showed that yes she does have something going on.  BUT the results show that she has NOT gotten any worse from when she was here in Sept. and they havent gotten any better either, they are the same.  I’m ok with that, as long as it isn’t worse we can deal with it.  Amberlyn IS doing better even if she doesn’t realize it.  I mean when we left in Sept. she was having to do alot more oxygen.  She is on 2 liters of oxygen and stating 96-98% and that is good.  Yes she still is having a hard time being active without getting exhausted.  She has been in the hospital for almost 2 months straight and that takes a toll on her muscles etc.  It is going to take alot of work on her part to get back in shape.  This time she is in better shape to get better, she isn’t as sick this go around.  The on call doctors said that they will talk to the head doctors and suggest that maybe she will need to get another bronch.  They want to get another biopsy to make sure what we are dealing with and to make sure that she isn’t going through rejection still.  So alot will depend on what the doctors say today.  I feel more at peace now that we are where the doctors know her and arent’ afraid to take care of her.  The doctors today told us that they are glad she is here for them to help her.  I wanted to kiss them both!  I was just relieved to finally have doctors that weren’t saying that they didn’t feel comfortable taking care of my daughter.  God is Good.  We are blessed and He is with us every step of the way.  So on that note I will close for now.  I realized that today is Halloween so I decorated the room a little…Happy Halloween!

Love ~Mama Fett~


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