It has been a roller coaster ride for the past two days

So it has been a roller coaster ride for the past two days. Thursday Amberlyn was moved out of ICU and went to a normal room. Friday morning she went for an xray and came back all red in the face, it was swollen and her blood pressure/heart rate was sky high! The nurse called the doctor, he came to look at her and he immediately said get her to ICU stat! After getting to the ICU, drs came in and said that they thought she was having a reaction to a medication. So they also called in infectious control and they ran some blood cultures to make sure that she didn’t have an infection. The drs ran other tests as well. Praise God all tests came back normal. This is good and bad. Good cuz nothing seriously wrong, bad cuz we still do not know what is causing all of this. This morning a dr who we have never seen before came into the room and proceeded to tell her that she did not belong in ICU, she did not need to be on oxygen, she needed to get out of bed and start walking and he was sending her to a regular room! She had an ice pack on her head cuz she had a really bad headache and he took it off and told her she did not have a headache. She said she was going to be sick and he said “no your not, your numbers show that you aren’t” and guess what happened? She threw up! Too bad it wasn’t on him!!!! He told the respiratory therapist that she didn’t need oxygen and to take her off of it. The RT did as he was told and Amberlyn’s o2 went to 88%. The RT said that the minimum was 92% so he put her back on the oxygen and told the dr. I swear, why do we always get the jerks?! Isn’t what Amberlyn going through enough to now have to deal with this too?! The dr also told Amberlyn that the “so called pain” that she was complaining about was all in her head cuz all the tests show that there is nothing wrong with her. So she is now in a normal room with a headache and no help from the f***ing dr! I am so pissed. And Amberlyn is dealing with this by sleeping and not eating. Thank you very much JERK!!!!!! Please pray that Amberlyn can get better with morons like this as a care provider and for me to be the bigger person and not do something that will put me in jail. ARGH!!!!!!  Sorry for my anger coming through here but I am so beyond frustrated.  ~Mama Fett~


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