Just a lot going on and I need to make sure that I am focusing on Amberlyn

i know i haven’t updated.  sorry.  just a lot going on and i need to make sure that i am focusing on Amberlyn.  we are still in a normal room.  we have been having ups and downs.  they started Amberlyn on some anti seizure meds.  she hasn’t had anymore since last monday but they want to give her something to help prevent them from happening.  they are also giving her anti seizure meds to help with her headaches.  i guess anti seizure meds are also used for headaches.  that shocked me a little.  she is really weak and has lost alot of weight.  but now her appetite has come back so she is eating more.  for a while there i thought i was going to witness my daughter waste away, so needless to say i am happy to see her eat.  today i could tell that she is starting to put some weight back on.  thank you LORD!!!  today was a rough day.  her glucose was so high that the monitor could not read the number they had to send blood to the lab to find out what it was.  it was 607!! that is dangerously high.  then they came back and said that her potassium was high.  good grief!  the steroids that they had her on made everything go whacky.  so they were giving her insulin everytime we turned around to get her glucose down.  one of the drs wanted her to take this one med to bring her potassium level down but we felt really leary about taking it so Amberlyn declined it.  the charge nurse was really sweet cuz she told Amberlyn that she understood and was ok with her not taking it for now.  her potassium level was 5.1. the normal range is 3 – 5.  so it was not that high.  she said that if it was 6.3 then she would have to tell her to take it cuz it could be deadly.  she talked to the dr and explained that we wanted to wait til 9pm to check it again cuz we felt the steroids that they stopped today was the cause of the high levels.  the dr agreed to let us wait but she had to be put on a meter that should if she was in trouble with her heart.  9pm they came in to take blood to check it again.  the results came back that her glucose was 247 and potassium was 4.3!  Thank you God.  so all is good there.  Amberlyn is still having headaches but they aren’t as bad as they were when we came in.  she is still having back pain but they gave her this thing called a 10’s unit.  it sends pulses of electric jolts to help with the pain.  she says that it does help.  i need to check to see if we can get one for her for when we go home.  one of the drs came in today and said that they need to get her pain managable and then send her home!  he said that if after getting home she still has problems then she needs to go to san antonio to get seen.  we feel that no one wants to take care of her.  well i shouldn’t say that cuz there are some drs that want to make sure she is ok.  the infectuous control dr is one of them.  he said that she had an infection in her urinary track and he wanted to have her on an anti biotic to make sure it got taken care of.  said it would take 3 – 5 days and he would come by to check her out everyday to make sure it was getting taken care of.  just a really nice guy.  well that is all for now.  i am going to try to get some shut eye.  she is peacefully sleeping right now so i am going to try to do the same.  please continue to keep her in prayer.


~Mama Fett~


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