Amberlyn is now out of ICU and in a normal room

Ok well I know it has been a couple of days since I have updated. A lot has happened in those couple of days. First let me tell you that Amberlyn is now out of ICU and in a normal room in transplant tele! Thank you Lord. She did have her second veino gram on Tuesday. The doctors wanted to a) take her port out, b) put stents in her veins to open them up and c) replace the port. But to much of their amazement they were able to use a balloon to open her veins. They were very happy to do that instead of having to use the stents. We will have to keep an eye on it all cuz they may have to go back and put the stents in if it doesn’t work and because the balloon worked they decided not to mess with the port. As the saying goes “if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it!” Again the surgery took quite a long time but at least this time I was prepared for it. They had A LOT that they were going to do so I kept telling myself that when I kept looking at the clock. Around 6pm they came and said she was back in her room. She looked good but was in so much pain. The areas where they put the balloons in had little incisions that were draining and it sort of freaked her out but we were able to explain what was going on. I was really amazed at how much fluids were coming out. It came time for me to leave for the night and she got so anxious that her heart rate and breathing became problematic so even though we aren’t suppose to stay in the room overnight I pleaded with the night nurse to let me stay. He was kind enough and said ok and that he would try to get me a chair to sleep in. My Mom went to the hotel and I stayed with Amberlyn. Amberlyn was able to calm down knowing that I could stay. So much so that she even was able to go WITHOUT oxygen! She was able to do that til 3:30am and her stats would stay around 96-98%. Praise God! But then her o2’s started to go down while she was sleeping so we had to put the o2 back on. But hey I’ll take it…baby steps my dear, baby steps =] The nurse was finally able to get me a chair around then but at 5am Amberlyn was in so much pain that we were trying to make her comfortable. Bless her heart she didn’t get much sleep. So now we are ready for Wednesday. The doctors came on their rounds and were happy to see that she was doing ok. They wanted to get her to a regular room so we waited to see if transplant tele had one. Around this time my Mom came and told me to go to the hotel to get a catnap. So I left and went to the hotel but I just couldn’t sleep. I went and got a few crafts for Amberlyn to do to help keep her mind off the pain. During this time my Mom let me know that they had a room for Amberlyn. So now we are on the transplant tele floor. Amberlyn did ok. Still in a lot of pain but is doing ok. I felt really bad cuz at 10pm I could not keep my eyes open, I crashed. I apologized to Amberlyn this morning but she told me not to worry cuz she did the same right after I did. Today she has done really well. The physical therapists came to work with her. Amberlyn was able to stand for a minute and then she had to sit down. This really upset her and we were all telling her that three days ago she could not do that so to take the little baby steps as a good thing. It is going to take TIME to get back to where she was.

The doctors said that they were thinking that she might be able to go home tomorrow but the physical therapists said well they were going to have to recommend that as a no. I mean she can’t even walk yet and they want to make sure that she will be able to do that before they suggest that she is ready.

Please keep Amberlyn in prayer. I know God is listening, He is showing that by her progress. Now that I am caught up I will be better on keeping up.

Mama Fett


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