Amberlyn & I both got food poisoning

If being in the hospital isn’t enough to deal with, Amberlyn & I both got food poisoning from the food we ate from the cafeteria two days ago!  We both have been feeling miserable.  Basically have been sleeping most of the day away only to be awake long enough to make sure that her meds are being done and for breathing treatments.  Amberlyn felt so bad cuz they were able to give her something for the belly pain and such but I had to just ride it out.  They couldn’t give me anything.  One of the nurse’s said that she wish she could give me something cuz she could see how bad I was feeling.  I feel a little better today hence why I am updating at 6:30am.  Yesterday we had a Nurse Practioner with the Neurology deptment come and talk to Amberlyn.  I am thanking God for Him sending her.  SHE actually listened to Amberlyn and has made changes which I pray will show improvement.  Amberlyn had told her that she is forgetful and can’t keep track with things.  One of the meds that the other neurologists put her on is also nicknamed “dope a nex”  cuz it makes you really tired and “stupid”.  So the NP said she was going to take her off of it.  She told Amberlyn she was sure she has heard it before but the pain med dilaudid that she is taking is causing what is called “rebound headaches”.  She said until Amberlyn got off that she would not get rid of the headaches.  Amberlyn told her that she wanted off of the dilaudid.  So they made a plan to where they were going to wean her off of it.  One of the other doctors was just going to cut her off cold turkey!  When we told the NP that she was like “Oh no you can’t do that!”  So with that said, they started the new treatment late yesterday.  She will be here a little longer with this plan in effect.  The other doctor came in after and told us that she was discharging us on sunday and I told her uhm I don’t think so.  She got a little miffed with me but I swear do they not read each others notes!  This is the same doctor that is adiment about Amberlyn taking insulin at night before bed if her glucose is high.  Ok let me explain, yes Amberlyn needs insulin at bedtime but it is the long lasting insulin.  She NEVER takes the short acting one before bed unless she is going to eat something.  The manufacturer even puts a disclaimer saying that if you are not going to eat 5-10 minutes after taking the insulin to NOT take it cuz it can cause your glucose to bottom out.  And guess what, the past two mornings she has had low blood sugars because the doctor made her take it.  So last night she told the nurse she refused to take it.  I am curious to see what her glucose is this morning.  Amberlyn has made some more progress.  I mean when we came in she was on 2 liters of oxygen.  Monday we were able to move her to 1 liter with her stating at 98%!  Then Thursday I told Amberlyn I was just curious what if we bumped her to .5 liters how she would do.  She sort of freaked out and I told her its ok I won’t do anything.  But after she had gotten up to go to bathroom and had caught the breath, I did move it down.  Trust me if she would have tanked you KNOW I would have put it back to 1 liter.  But to my heartfelt joy she did great, she was stating between 96-98%, sometimes even 99%!  Now granted when she has to walk or do her physical therapy we have to bump it up to 2 liters but we are showing progress.  Thank you Lord.  Amberlyn was getting better about eating until we got the food poisoning.  So I am hoping that she is better today so she can eat.  I didn’t even eat yesterday.  I think I was able to keep down some raisin bran at 10pm.  Amberlyn asked for some doritos at 11pm and was able to keep them down so I am hoping that she will be better today.  The plan today is that I need to get her out of the bed and sitting in the chair.  I don’t want her to get pnuemonia from laying in bed for so long.  When you don’t feel too hot you just don’t want to do much but I have got to get her to try.  So please keep her in prayer.  Thank all of you for your prayers and support.

Love ~Mama Fett~


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