ok well now that Amberlyn is a little better I can update more. Amberlyn is in ICU at Seton Main in Austin. Monday morning around 4am she woke me up crying saying that her head was really hurting. I decided to take her to the ER here close to home. I only did that cuz I did not know if I would be able to get her to San Antonio without complications. Her head was pounding and she was throwing up. Got her to the ER and it went downhill real quick. They did a CAT Scan. Wanted to do a MRI but Amberlyn said no cuz she could not lie flat for the 60 minutes that it would take. She told me that she was hot and I went to pull her jacket off and she started to have a seizure. They gave her some kind of med that stopped the seizure and then started calling hospitals to agree to do her care. She needed to be in an ICU and at Seton SW ER they do not have an ICU unit. That is the reason why she is in the ICU at Seton Main. It was a scary time. She was pretty out of it til about 11pm last night. They started her on some anti seizure medication. The plan today is to do a couple of MRIs and see what they show. So I will update after we get results from that.
Please keep her in prayer
Mama Fett


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