Just a quick update. We got to finally come home!

Just a quick update.  We got to finally come home!  We didn’t get home til 1am Thursday due to some complications with delivery guy that was suppose to bring us oxygen.  Was so glad that the Apria Austin delivery guy Timothy was so more accommodating than the San Antonio delivery man.  So God Bless you Timothy for easing my fears! Amberlyn did her first physical therapy with Jeremy at Kethley Physical Therapy.  Jeremy you are another God send.  Thank you for ALWAYS taking care of my Amberlyn.  I know she is in good hands when you are involved.  PT was a little depressing for Amberlyn.  She was so upset that she could only do 2 minutes on the stationery bike, 2 minutes on the arm bike and 2 minutes on the vigor gym.  But I told her that 3 wks ago if we would have came in she would not have been able to do maybe a minute if that.  So she IS doing alot better than we all thought she would do.  Baby steps my dear Amberlyn….baby steps.  She is getting a little stronger each day.  She is determined to get back to where she was before all this happened.  So please keep her in prayer.  She has a long way to go but I know with all of your prayers, support and love she WILL overcome the obstacle’s that have come her way.  As we always say….it is just another bump in the road we call life.

I will update more later.

Love Mama Fett


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