Finally got results from last week’s bronch

Sorry not updating sooner, but it wasn’t til yesterday that we finally got results from last week’s bronch. The culture grew out another bacteria, so Amberlyn is on yet another antibiotic. Her insulin level has been out of whack and it was a mystery, until last night when Amberlyn snapped that one of the IV antibiotics is mixed with D5 (sugar water, basically)!  Amberlyn was able to get up and walk to the cafeteria last night while on oxygen.  That is BIG progress!!  She was so proud of herself.  It was very tiring but she stuck it out.  There is some talk, but no guarantee yet, of sending her home maybe this weekend or early next week on IV antibiotics. Understandably she is nervous about it but Dr. Angel said that they aren’t just going to make her leave.  He wants her to think about it.  We are still taking it a day at a time. Keep those prayers coming!

Love Mama Fett


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