Amberlyn wants me to let everyone know what is going on

Ok Amberlyn wants me to let everyone know what is going on. First and foremost please after you read this….PRAY….second please DO NOT call or text her, just leave her positive encouragement on fb or here. She is checking fb often now. This past tuesday her transplant apptment was not good. We knew something was up when Dr Angel came in and was somber. Normally he comes in smiling and says she looks great and gives her a hug. Tuesday he went straight to the point and you could see concern in his eyes. Her lung functions were down, her weight was down and her chest xrays were worse than they were from her last apptment. He went on to say that the infection did not respond the way they had hoped and it at the moment looks like is destroying her new lungs. When I say at the moment I mean he wants to do a bronch on her this friday to see what exactly might be going on. He also wants to see if she is growing any other infection or if we are dealing with the same one. Amberlyn had asked him if she would be able to be retransplanted and he told her at this time no. If they did the infection would just destroy the new lungs as well. He wants to see what we are dealing with first before talking about what her options are. So as you can see this was not a good apptment. Amberlyn and I both were in a state of shock and really still are. It would be best to contact us either here or by email.

As always thank you so much for all your love and support during these difficult times. You have no idea how much it helps us. We know that God has a plan and we are being faithful that He will see us thru it.

I will post more as we know something.
Please pray, the Lord makes miracles happen thru prayer!
Much Love,
Mama Fett


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