Amberlyn is at the transplant hospital in San Antonio

Below are entries that I have put on my facebook.  Amberlyn is at the transplant hospital in San Antonio.  She is not doing too good.  Tomorrow is her 22nd birthday and she will be having surgery to make sure that she is not going into rejection.  Please pray for her.  The doctors feel that she IS NOT going into rejection but they need to do the surgery tomorrow to confirm what they feel.  My thoughts are with DJ, Amberlyn’s donor angel.  He is the one that made it possible for Amberlyn to HAVE a 22nd birthday tomorrow.

I will post more tomorrow after her surgery.

~Amberlyn’s Mom~



Around 1am Amberlyn spiked a fever of 102.6 ! The nurses pulled off her blanket and put ice around her head & under her arms to get the temp to go down.  She was freezing but her body temp was boiling.  Nothing like giving the nurses a scare.  Amberlyn told me that one of the med drs came in and started pushing really hard on her abdomin and asked if it hurt.  Like she couldn’t tell by the painful look on Amberlyn’s face.  That is ok, Amberlyn let her know  LOL  Amberlyn told me that they had words.  LOL  I must have been really tired cuz I did not hear ANY of this.  Normally I wake up whenever the door opens to the room.  Made me feel like a bad Mom cuz I didn’t wake up.  =[  The transplant dr came in later and said that the xray this morning looked a little better.  Thank you God ! He did say that she is still going to have to have the biopsy tomorrow.  What a birthday present.  But I tried to tell her wouldn’t it be a GREAT birthday present for them to do the biopsy  and see for sure that her lungs are ok and her not be going into rejection?!  That is my prayer, please hear my prayer Lord.  She has been having some pretty bad back pain.  The headaches are getting better.  Some of Amberlyn’s friends came and surprized her with an early birthday celebration !  Amber Karley, Adina and Briana you girls are the best !  Thank you for making her smile.  That did my heart good to see her laugh and smile.  The rest of the day she just slept.  She is still on oxygen.  Bless her heart, she said she forgot what it was like not to be able to breathe.  =[  But she is trying to stay positive.  I think she won’t feel totally ok until she knows that she is not going into rejection.  Even though the drs tell her they think she has an infection or pnuemonia, she knows they won’t feel comfortable until they get the biopsy back to confirm that.  So keep those prayers coming.  And if you have time, send her a birthday wish tomorrow.  She will be 22 !  I have to say thank you to DJ her donor angel for making it possible for her to HAVE a 22nd birthday.


Things today are about the same.  Amberlyn has been having fevers pretty much all day.  The doctors are leaning more on thinking there is an infection.  I really pray that they are right.  I mean an infection can still be dangerous for Amberlyn because she in immuno suppressed but it CAN be dwelt with.  We won’t know if it is rejection until they can do another bronch and do a biopsy of her lungs.   Waiting and the unknown is the hard part. They have done alot of lab work today.  Bless her heart she feels like a pin cushion.  Her poor little veins are protesting and that doesn’t make matters any better for her.  She has started to have alot of back pain and the pain meds work for about an hour and then wears off.  =[  I was able to get her to get up and walk to the gift shop today.  That took almost all the energy she had.  It was very difficult for her cuz she is back on oxygen.  She cried and said she almost forgot what it was like not being able to breathe.  Before her transplant that was the life she only knew…not being able to breathe without being on oxygen.  After the transplant she had a life that she only dreamed of.  So it is hard to go back to the old ways.  But I keep telling her that it WILL get better.  We have to have faith and know that God will take care of it.  For those of you that have left her supportive and very touching messages…THANK YOU.  When she is awake she reads them or I read them to her and it makes her tear up at the kindness you are showing her.  And as her Mom I thank you for bringing a smile to her face.  God Bless and I will update tomorrow!


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