Amberlyn has been up and around today

Amberlyn making ornamentsAs we await results of yesterday’s bronchoscopy (don’t expect to hear anything til MAYBE tomorrow), Amberlyn has been up and around today (after laying low due to the “sedation effect” yesterday.) She has already walked the halls, which is a BIG improvement. And she has chowed down on my chocolate birthday cake! There continue to be bumps on the road (potassium level is out of whack today), but the swelling she experienced last week is pretty much gone – we are thinking positive right now and praying for a positive outcome to all the tests! To keep her mind off the pain in her back she has started making Christimas ornaments.  Everyone that comes in are amazed at the ornaments she has made.  Thanks so much to everyone who is holding us up in prayer. God bless each and every one of you.

Love Mama Fett


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