Yesterday was a rough day

Yesterday was a rough day.  The pain from the surgery was hitting Amberlyn pretty hard.  But she was a trooper and endured it.  It seemed like all things went haywire yesterday as well.  Poor communication all around.  I just kept telling myself and Amberlyn to just breathe.  lol

Today was a little better.  She is able to space the pain meds out a little further apart.  Which is good.  Amberlyn told the doctor that she wants to shoot for friday to be able to go home.  The doctor said that is a good goal to shoot for and as long as we can get her pain under control he will consider it.  Today he started her on the by mouth pain meds that she will go home on.  They need to get the dose right so when she does go home it will cover the pain.  The last thing he wants is to send her home and it not be the right dose and have to come right back in.  Dr. Kang is such a good doctor and he is very patient with her.

Today she was able to walk a little more.  But first thing this morning it was sort of scary.  She woke up and said she couldn’t feel her right leg.  She couldn’t put any weight on it without her leg giving out.  But after a while it got better.  She told her doctor.  He said that they will keep an eye on it.  If it gets worse then we need to let them know and they will do a MRI on it to make sure that there isn’t a blood clot there.  Please put in prayer that it was just a fluke thing and it will get better.  Amberlyn appetite is back which is good.  She wasn’t hungry for a while.  So she is getting back to her old self each day.

I can tell that she is getting better cuz she is getting cabin fever.  Her quick wit is back and she is making jokes and laughing. . .sometimes at my expense.  lol  But as my Mom and my Grandma  say…Laughter is the best medicine…so if I can make her laugh and it makes her better, then so be it.  =]

We found out that tomorrow the rodeo clowns and bull riders are coming to the hospital to visit the kiddos here.  Amberlyn says that she needs to get all dolled up.  lol  Yup thats my Amberlyn.  =]

Please pray that she continues to keep getting better and that we will get to go home on friday.  Thank you to all that have been so kind to sign her guestbook.  You just have no idea how much it means to her to read your messages.  Sometimes when she is having a hard day she will read someones message and it will cheer her up and help her through the day.  God Bless ALL of you for your words of encouragement, support, prayers and love.  The Lord has blessed us with all of you.

I will update soon!
Mama Fett  =]


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