Ok so we are making progress

Ok so we are making progress.  Amberlyn was able to go 11 hours at one point from using the iv pain meds and then 9 hours the next.  So she is getting better on not using it.

We did not get to go home today.  That really bummed her out but we both agreed that it is best to make sure that she is better than to go home too early and then have to come right back.  But it is hard to think clearly when you are so ready to go home.  So we are praying that the Lord will help us through yet another bump in the road that we call life.  We have been through so much more tougher times that I know we can make it through.  Just have to have faith.

Also found out today another reason why they have not released her is that her blood thinning meds is too low.  They don’t want her to go home til they have it at a safe level for her.  The blood thinning meds has a fine line.  They can’t be too high and then again they can’t be too low.  Its a balancing act that they are trying to get better.

Today she also starting swelling in her face and arms again.  That had me concerned cuz the last time that happened was when she had SVC Syndrom and had to be put on life support.  They feel that now she is eating and drinking good they can take her off of iv fluids.  The swelling might just be her retaining fluids cuz she is getting so much.  At 5pm the took her off of the iv fluids so we will see what tomorrow brings.

Praying that everything gets better tomorrow so we can go home.  But also praying that whatever the Lord’s plan is will be done.

Thank everyone for all your support, love and prayers.  It is you that help us through these tough times.

God Bless,
Mama Fett


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