Amberlyn texted me and said that she wasn’t feeling well

Hello Everyone

Mom here.  Last Tuesday, March 15th,  Amberlyn texted me and said that she wasn’t feeling well.  I called her and when she answered she was throwing up and crying.  She was able to tell me that she really felt sick and didn’t know if she would be able to make it to her doctors appointment and then to work.  I asked where she was and she said that she was at our gate to our property, so I told her to go back home and call me when she was there.  I told her I was going to call her doctor and then work to tell them that she would not be able to make it due to she was ill.  I told her that after I delivered the gift bags to Dell Children’s then I would head home.

I called the doctor and then her employer and still had not heard back from Amberlyn.  So I started calling her cell phone and then the home phone.  After 15 minutes of not getting an answer or text my mind was going in all directions.  I was afraid that she might have passed out and then I told myself that I was just freaking myself out.  But then I got this bad feeling and I decided to call my friend who is a constable here in Drip.  I explained to him what happened and asked if he would please go check on her.  He said yes and that he would also call EMS to go as well just in case.  In the meantime I am frantically driving back home and trying to get her to answer the phone.

I finally got her to answer and she was hysterical.  She said she thinks she blacked out.  I asked her where she was and she said in her car and she was really hot.  I asked if she had the air on and she said no.  So I told her to turn the car on and to turn the AC on, I explained to her that I called Randy and that he as well as I was on our way.  We hung up.  Randy called me 5 minutes later and said that he found Amberlyn passed out in the car at the gate!  He said that EMS was there with him and they were checking her out.  He suggested that they take her to the hospital.

He put the EMS people on the phone and I told them of all her medical conditions.  They asked where I wanted them to take her and I told them Dell Children’s.  So they got her stable and rushed her there.

We are still here.  They have not been able to figure out what caused her to black out.  But in some of the tests that they did they did find out that her blood thinning medication level was way too high.  It was so high that she could have internal bleeding.  This especially had me concerned becuz she had hit her head on the steering wheel when she passed out.  She kept saying that her head hurt.  I told the doctor once we got upstairs that her head still hurt and I was worried that with her blood thinners being so high that maybe there was internal bleeding.  The doctor told me that the ER failed to tell them that she had hit her head.  So they immediately ordered a CT Scan to make sure that she did not have bleeding in her head.  I am happy to say Thank You God that there was no internal bleeding!

Amberlyn and I were talking later and we both agreed that maybe this was God working in His mysterious ways.  If she had not have blacked out we would not have know that her blood thinners were too high.  Some of the tests also showed that she had a hernia so they are doing surgery tomorrow to take care of that.  Yesterday she delveloped a lump under her rib cage and they think that maybe she has another hernia there.  So another CT Scan was done today to see what it might be.  As of now we are still waiting for the radiologist to read the scan and to give their diagnosis.

Please keep her in prayer.  As you know ANY surgery for her is a big deal.  Please pray that the Lord will be with the surgeons tomorrow and to put His healing hands on Amberlyn.

I will post something tomorrow after her surgery.

~Amberlyn’s Mom~


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