Amberlyn had her surgery today

Its Mom again.

Amberlyn had her surgery today.  My Mom was so sweet to come sit with me while Amberlyn was having her surgery.  She said that she didn’t want me to sit by myself while Amberlyn was in surgery.  Thank you Mom!  Mom’s always know how to make their children feel better.

Amberlyn went in at 2pm for her surgery.  About 3pm the nurse came to tell me the surgery was over and the doctor wanted to talk to me.  Dr. Sanchez said that Amberlyn did very well in the surgery.  She was able to take care of the hernia and felt that it would heal perfectly.  The good thing about it was that where she made the incision was also at the location that she had the big scar from her ileostomy.  And for Amberlyn that was a scar that was a problem for her.  I mean it healed but it was a big scar.  Dr. Sanchez said that she was able to close it up so when it heals there won’t be that big scar.  Amberlyn will be happy about that.  =]

They were able to get her port accessed as well.  When she was in the ER the nurse missed her port TWICE and stuck her in her muscle instead of the device.  Amberlyn was in so much pain that she told the ER nurse to just put an iv in her hand.  Now if you know Amberlyn you KNOW that she is in pain to ask them to put it in her hand!  Anyway sweet Paula went in with her before they started her surgery and accessed her port.  God love you Paula!  Thank you so much for doing that for Amberlyn.  Now she won’t have the pain in her hand, it was getting to the point that the iv in her hand was getting swollen and really painful.

They gave her some heavy duty pain meds and she is resting comfortably at the moment.  She has said that the incision site does hurt alot but unfortunately that will be so for a few days.   She is a tough cookie she will make it.

Well I just wanted to update everyone.  I will keep you posted on how she is doing.

Please keep the prayers coming!
Mama Fett =]


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